Elena Bloothoofd, Brands of Style
Elena Bloothoofd
Brands of Style

Elena Bryant-Bloothoofd is a dynamic and passionate brand ambassador with over two decades of experience directing fashion, beauty and lifestyle brand expansion in Global markets. Elena created her specialist agency Brands of Style in 2015, paving the way for up-and-coming sustainable brands to find new avenues of revenue through an extensive network in international distribution and domestic retail.

With increasing business in the travel retail sector, Brands of Style launched the B2B discovery platform Travel Retail Bespoke in 2023. Elena believes the selection of challenger brands represent the answer to a changing demand in a market that is reshaping itself. With responsible high-end products that offer something unique in combination with their compelling creator stories, Travel Retail Bespoke is paving the road to a bright and successful future.

My Sessions
Championing Change Through Cruise Ship Retail - Sustainability and Diversity & Inclusion
Panel discussion Grand Ballroom